JYANT Technologies' mission is to develop and deliver disruptive technologies to patients, by leveraging a strong intellectual property position and unique focus on unmet medical needs in oncology and inflammatory diseases.

Therapeutic Product Pipeline At-A-Glance

Product (Target) Indication Pre-Clin. Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
JT03 (CXCL13) RA, Solid Tumors
JT04 (CCL25) Solid Tumors
JT05 (CXCL16) Solid Tumors
JT06 (CXCL11) MS
JT07 (CXCR3 CXCR7) IBD, Solid Tumors
JT08 (CXCR5) Solid Tumors
Nanocisplatin Solid Tumors
Nanoflavopiridol HRPC
Nanocurcumin RA, Solid Tumors
Nanoresveratrol Solid Tumors


JYANT Technologies, Inc. (JYANT) was founded in 2010 and is an early stage product development company. JYANT leverages its strong intellectual property position to develop new therapies with companion diagnostics to bring medical products to the market faster. JYANT's patented technologies provide ground-breaking solutions to diagnosis and treat a number cancers and inflammatory diseases through the use of anti-chemokine and anti-chemokine receptor antibodies. JYANT has also developed a novel nano-compounding manufacturing methodology that allows for the targeted delivery of anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory agents.

Company Highlights

JYANT's patented approach provides a means of inhibiting the growth and metastasis of cancer cells by administering high affinity anti-chemokine antibodies. JYANT's proprietary technology also allows for the early detection of cancers that secrete and/or expression chemokine and chemokine receptors.

JYANT has developed and was first to patent the use of anti-chemokine and anti-chemokine receptor antibodies to inhibit inflammatory processes. JYANT's proprietary approach enables the detection and progression of inflammatory diseases that cause elevated expression of chemokine and chemokine receptors.

JYANT also utilizes unique chemokine-immunoglobulin polypeptide compositions to treat cancers and inflammatory disorders. This patented technology permits chemokine receptor blockade with high affinity (< 100 pM) protein antagonists having one-week serum half-lives.

JYANT's patented nanotechnology applications provide methods for the preparation and modification of biodegradable and biocompatible nano- and micro-particles. This novel and inexpensive technique enables particle generation and encapsulation of biologics and pharmaceuticals with precise excipient/biopolymer concentrations, curing conditions, and planetary ball milling to produce either nano- and micro-particles of a controllable size without altering the encapsulated contents. The resulting particles can deliver soluble or insoluble biologicals, heavy metals, diagnostic agents and/or therapeutics across mucosal surfaces or solubilize previously insoluble molecules for parenteral administration.


Strategic alliances are critical to our strategy of rapidly translating our development programs. JYANT has chosen alliances to participate in the discovery, development and delivery of unique product candidates and technology platforms.

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